Our passion for the craft

Nowadays there is hardly any profession in which a single training is sufficient for professional activity over 10-20 years. Constantly changing market conditions, new technologies and developments require constant adaptation of knowledge and knowledge transfer.

Our passion is to guide you actively on your educational path. We support you with specialist knowledge, provide impulses for inspiration and promote creativity to motivate you for the craft! That’s why Richemont Craft School also offers courses and training programs in digitalised form.

Blended Learning

Switzerland’s dual vocational education system is considered one of the best in the world and is a success story. Young professionals are prepared for their professional life in the training company as well as in the vocational school. Afterwards, many further training opportunities are open to apprenticeship graduates. Other countries should also be able to benefit from this strength and raise their level of training.

With blended learning, Richemont offers a program to make Swiss bakery & confectionery known worldwide and to expand the knowledge of all those who already practice the bakery-confectionery trade with enthusiasm.

The digital courses are structured similarly to the classic, Swiss vocational training system. Teaching and learning of theory, but also of craft skills, is done at home with various forms of e-learning. In the «home bakery», the student makes products according to specifications and gains practical experience with baking experiments. In the campus week, what has been learned is then elaborated on and practically applied with many examples.

The training program is a perfect mix of theoretical knowledge and high-quality practical training to bring elite bakers and confectioners to the job market according to Swiss standards.

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