Our Promise

We have defined clear quality standards for all parts of the education and services. This guarantees our service clients as well as participants in our education section an optimum return on their time and financial investment.

Quality Guarantee

Our clients can rely on our education and workshops to be clearly structured and to meet rigorous quality standards. Our consulting services are results-oriented. Continuous optimizations adapt the internal Quality Management and the eduQua certification to the newest advancements.

Quality Requirements

We set our goals to align with actual existing needs. The whole service and education package aims to meet the current market requirements. Modern technology is considered. Learning goals and curricula are clearly defined.

Practical Application

Richemont employees as well as (external) lecturers are individuals who are firmly rooted in the profession. They not only convey knowledge, but also the ability to work this knowledge into practical applications. Our lecturers receive continuing factual and pedagogical education to have the most advanced knowledge basis. We meet the specific requirements of our trade at each level.


The apprenticeship and continuing education programs build on one another in modular way and aim toward the same goal. This ensures stability from the beginning stages through continuing education all the way to the masters’ level. The continuity guarantees efficiency with high utility.   

Our Network