Passion ∙ Relevance to practice ∙ Vision

Our commitment

«Our commitment is practice-relevant inspiration to help you shape your company. Passion experienced together and active knowledge exchange will enhance your vision. Richemont, inventor of the popular Swiss king’s cake.»

Our values


We provide inspiration and enhance creativity. Our educational programme comes with the passion for craft and meets customer requirements. We live and love the bakery and confectionery craft, a passion that we would like to pass on to our trainees.

Relevance to practice

Our exchange with customers is at eye level to render individual and optimum training and continuing education solutions. They can be integrated in daily routines and represent the basis for sustained and realistic success. Our focus is on gentle use of local resources and the exchange in a team promoting network. Know-how expansion is innovatively transferred into practice.


On the pulse of time, we recognize trends in advance and and set standards for innovative products and services. We use potentials and expand knowledge consistently. Our staff members are motivated to create novelties and develop decision guidance. We provide multi-level support through technical and operational know-how. Our customers can rely on us as we offer help regarding continuous structural improvement, increase in efficiency and cost savings.

Our Network