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Nothing is as constant as change! That is the situation in food safety laws. Changes in those laws happen almost on an annual basis! Every company, without exception, is liable for the accuracy in product labelling. The law makes no exceptions whether your company is large or small. In the eyes of the law, everyone is equal.

We help you find out which of the many confusing food safety and labelling regulations apply to your products. We offer individual and competent consulting:

From the ingredient list to the front label

You give us the exact recipe including loss from processing and baking, number of pieces, workload, and we present you with a ready-to-use template for your product label.

Sales arguments for the internal goods listings

You do not yet have an internal goods listing or you want to optimize the one you have? We give you the best possible sales arguments for each of your products.

Product specifications

You are the vendor for another firm with one of your specialties and have to create an elaborate specification. We assist you by helping to find the appropriate laboratory for the required nutrition and microbiological analyses. You receive the needed product specifications from us. 

Calculating your products

To ensure that you earn a profit from your products, we provide you with a detailed calculation based on the information we receive from you. 

Controlling of existing product labels

We verify your existing product labels. The big advantage to you: The product labels will not raise any more issues during the next checkup. 

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