Richemont consists of two legally independent companies.

The Richemont Foundation includes complete apprenticeships, continuing education, a restaurant and hotel, as well as the quality management of raw materials and products.

The Richemont Service AG is made up of the publishing company for books, educational materials, the Richemont Trade Journal, brochures, software, and a wide range of consulting services.

The Schweizer Bäcker-Confiseurmeister-Verband (SBC – Swiss Bakery and Confectionery Master Association) holds 100% of the Richemont Foundation capital and of the Richemont AG stock capital.

Reto Fries


Markus Zimmerli

Vice Director & Head of Education

Sébastien Knecht

Head of Richemont Swiss Romande

Urs Meichtry

Head of Confectionery & Patisserie

Michel Rodriguez

Projects & RQM

Madeleine Röthlin

Rep. Finances

Urs Röthlin

Head of Artisan Bakery

Jonas Seifert

Head of Restaurant & Hotel

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