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In 1948, 30 English specialists completed a two week course at the Richemont Craft School. This was the beginning of the International Richemont Club. The next Richemont Club was founded in Switzerland after a visit in the UK, followed by the establishment of more Richemont Clubs in Austria, Germany, Belgium, and France.

Worldwide, 11 countries have organized national Richemont Clubs. They connect the top companies of the respective nations with the goal to uphold “Quality – Professional Integrity – Exchange of Expertise – Apprenticeship – Continuing Education – International Contacts – Employee Exchanges.”

Promotion and active exchange of expertise as well as continuing education for specialists in the bakery and confectionery trade are the highest goal of the clubs.

The clubs are made up of specialists from the bakery and confectionery trade as well as of people close to the trade.

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