Hygiene Certificate

According to the food safety laws, not only the raw materials vendor is responsible for produce and product hygiene, but also the owner of the goods is responsible. Producers, processors, and distributors of food have to perform controls (under their own responsibility) to ensure that their products are hygienic and conform to legal requirements. The self-imposed critical control points (CCPs) have to be tested with the owner’s own methods and consistently monitored with laboratory support.

In cooperation with our laboratory contract partner Bioexam, we offer an exclusive hygiene service package to all SBC members. According to the needs and size of your company, you can choose from five different modules:

Module A, 2 x per year
3 food and 3 swipe samples

Module B, 2 x per year
5 food and 4 swipe samples

Module C, 2 x per year
7 food and 5 swipe samples

Registration for the hygiene-self-control with certificate

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