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Your shop is the jewel of the region. Primed and friendly, it awaits its many customers. You know it: to make everything work and keep the company running the way you want takes a lot of work, strength, and passion.

The point of sale check looks at your company with fresh eyes combined with the expansive knowledge of the Richemont specialists.

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Our sales specialist will spend two hours in your store and collect the following insights:

  • External impression of the store: What does the store look like from the outside? What does the company represent?
  • Windows: Inviting, activity inside is visible, seasonal decorations?
  • Shop presentation: Clean, agreeable overall impression? To what type of clientele does this business cater? How is the brand recognition of the company?
  • Packaging: Matching, surprising, effective?
  • Price marking: Is there a price for everything? Matching and legible labels?
  • Product presentation: Quantities, shapes, variety, creativity?
  • Customer flow: Where are the strongest sales locations?

After the point of sale check, we compile a detailed report and develop suggestions for improvements. We create a solid plan in collaboration with you and assist you with the implementation.

We would like to make you a personal offer.

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Elisabeth Ghio

Head of Sales & Retail Trade

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