Online Course “Bakery Level 1”

With the newly created digital course, you will be able to acquire the knowledge and relevant skills through self-study.

No prior knowledge is required for the module “Bakery Level 1”, as you will learn the various raw materials, work techniques, equipment and tools, how to make bakery products, and much more thoroughly and from scratch.

The program consists of approximately 212 hours of self-study and can be added with a Campus Week of instruction at the Richemont Craft School in Lucerne.

Course content and time commitment

Module 1: Be safe
1.1 Occupational safety0.
1.2 Fire protection0.
1.3 Environmental protection0.
1.4 Hygiene0.
Module 2: Know the science
2.1 Natural science0.
2.2 Nutrition0.
2.3 Raw materials0.
Module 3: Bakery
3.1 Zurich bread1.04.812.81.520.1
3.2 Weggli (milk roll)1.04.512.21.519.2
3.3 Butter braid1.
3.4 Cheese-caraway “Schlumbi”
3.5 Mixed rye bread1.
3.6 Lye pretzel1.
3.7 Swiss butter croissant1.05.514.91.522.9
3.8 Yeast nut croissant3.
3.9 Cheese quiche3.

Legend (times in hours):
1 Preparation Time (introduction and previous knowledge)
2 Production Time (learning and making)
3 Repetition Time (practice and repetition)
4 Evaluation Time (evaluation, reflection and final test)
5 Total Expected Learning Time (h)

Curriculum – detailed information about the module

Target groups

Beginners/career changers/returnees (no previous knowledge required);
Trained bakers, pastry chefs and confectioners, trained cooks (knowledge refresher)


CHF 330.00


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