Conditions of Participation/GTC


Course fees are to be paid 10 days prior to the start of the course.

The prices listed for day seminars and multi-day seminars include training documents, water in the plenum as well as lunch with water, coffee/tea.

The listed prices for courses are, depending on the duration, the same as the above prices for day seminars and multi-day seminars, but do not include the costs for teaching materials and proof of competence.

For payment in Euros, the current daily exchange rate is used.

For groups we require a 20% deposit at the time of reservation.

Partner associations

Members and their employees of the partner associations Hotel & Gastro Union, MPV/SFF and Switzerland Cheese Marketing receive a 20% discount on the published non-member prices. When registering, it is mandatory to quote the membership number.

Felchlin points

Felchlin points can be redeemed at a ratio of 1:1. This applies to the entire range of training, services (incl. consulting) and publishing (technical books, excluding trade journal subscriptions). The Richemont gastronomy offer is excluded. The payment of partial amounts is not possible. When redeeming, the Felchlin customer number must be quoted.

Subsidies from ave funds and enforcement cost contributions

As of 01.01.2023, the following subsidies for training and further education at the Richemont Trade School will apply: these are based on the regulations on the additional use of enforcement cost contributions, as well as the protocol agreement to the CLA 2019.

  • CHF 9000.00 per participant for the preparatory course for the professional examination in production and retail trade, provided the examination is successfully completed.
  • CHF 4500.00 per participant for the preparatory course of the higher professional examination, provided the examination is successfully completed.
  • CHF 4000.00 per participant for the preparatory course of the higher vocational education (federal professional examination and higher professional examination) in production and retail trade. There is an 80% attendance requirement.
  • CHF 1200.00 per participant of a diploma course. The subsidy applies exclusively to unskilled workers who attend the diploma course without any gaps and complete it with proof of competence. The definition of «unskilled» is regulated in the CLA 2019 for the Swiss bakery-confectionery industry, Art 6a and 6b.
  • CHF 680.00 per participant for vocational training courses
  • Professional courses bakery, confectionery, sales, technology
    • CHF 100.00 per participant for half-day courses
    • CHF 195.00 per participant for one-day courses
    • CHF 390.00 per participant for two-day courses
  • CHF 500.00 per professional course on site
  • CHF 1050.00 per participant for language courses at Academia. There is an 80% attendance requirement.

All employees can benefit from the subsidies if, at the time of registration, their employment is subject to the CLA of the Swiss Bakery, Confectionery and Confiserie Industry.

Discounts for courses and training courses

If two employees of the same company attend the same course, we grant a discount of 10% on the second booking. If three or more employees of the same company attend the same course, we grant a discount of 15% on the third and each subsequent booking.

No discounts

Important information for all discounts: We do not grant any discount on the entire basic training, on the annual theme courses, on the Richemont industry meeting as well as on the specially marked courses. All discounts cannot be cumulated with other discounts.

Practical work

In courses with the corresponding indication you will do some practical work.

Professional clothing

For courses with hands-on work, you must bring your professional attire. Dressing rooms are available. If no work clothes are available, they must be rented before the course begins (available at the reception, CHF 10.- per course, deposit CHF 50.-, refunded when clothes are returned).

Course confirmation

We will gladly confirm course attendance with a free certificate, except for annual theme courses.


In case of cancellation of an already confirmed course we charge up to 30% of the costs (minimum CHF 150.-), in case of unexcused absence 100%. Failure to pay the course fees does not count as a cancellation. If you leave a course early, please inform the school office. Course fees will only be refunded in cases of hardship.

Postponement or cancellation of courses

Courses may be postponed or cancelled due to insufficient enrolment or other unforeseen reasons. In this case, course fees already paid will be refunded.


Anyone who violates the house rules can be expelled by the management. Course fees will not be refunded.

Photos and videos

It must be expected that course participants may be photographed in class or captured on sequences of short videos. Richemont reserves the right to use this material for marketing purposes (course advertising, homepage, social media channels) without specific consent.

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